Business Development

We love what we do and we love to be challenged.

What do we offer?

At GUTJAHR, we will offer you a comprehensive business development solutions that fit your needs and are in line with your long term development goals.

  • Market Expertise
    know-how of the markets in all relevant areas (countries, regions, and continents)
  • Our/international Network
    an outstanding network in all the main markets
  • Data Pool
    Access to the essential market data (data pool) and key figures
  • Technical Expertise
    a profound understanding of technical products and solutions
  • Cooperation models
    a profound understanding of complex solutions and cooperation models (a number of partners provide a solution together)
  • Our network
    comprehensive pool of personal contacts, especially in the telecommunication, CE, and IT domains
  • Market Analysis
    Concise and accurate analysis of markets and market opportunities for your company
  • Business Plan
    pragmatic analysis of the current state and definition of common goals and milestones
  • Social Networking
    We engage with relevant partners, customers, and resellers
  • Presence & Visibility
    Increase of presence / visibility in the market
  • Transparency
    Full transparency concerning the market development and competition
  • Positioning
    support with the development of a suitable positioning
  • Strategies
    development of effective product and pricing strategies for a maximum market success

How do we work?

  • Getting Started
    we are setting a frame for your project and start with the first phase (analysis, positioning, goal definition)
  • Business Plan
    In a short web or personal meeting, we discuss your initial position, the briefing, and your objectives (short, medium, and long term)
  • Familiarization
    we get to know your business, market, and products
  • Market Analysis
    we provide a comprehensive market analysis based on our data pool
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
    we identify the USPs and potential shortcomings in relation to the competition and market
  • Positioning
    we determine the positioning and process together
  • Target setting
    we define specific short-, medium-, and long-term goals as well as business development milestones for your project
  • Operative Measures
    we develop the specific operative measures and activities and optimize them for efficiency
  • Operative Activities
    we start the operative business development activities for your company (with potential customers and partners)
  • Around-the-clock transparency
    You receive access to our project management and workflow system for complete transparency of our activities.
  • Monthly Reports
    you receive a monthly management reporting with the essential facts and statistics
  • Regular Meetings
    in regular calls/web-meetings we discuss the current state of the project and optimize our approach

What do you get?

  • Team of Specialists
    Access to a team of specialists with years of experience in the field of business development, strategy, and management
  • Personal Contacts
    a dedicated contact person in our organization with a concrete understanding of the product / solution and your operations for an outstanding support
  • Time efficient Networking
    Access to a wide network and contacts to customers and partners ensuring maximum success in a minimum period of time
  • Individual Concepts
    an effective concept, tailored to the needs of your business
  • Clear Focus
    clear focus on the jointly defined goals and milestones
  • Reporting Tools
    Full transparency regarding all the processes as well as a regular and organized system of reporting with established tools
  • Synchronisation
    close consultation and communication for an optimal synchronization with your company
  • Fast Results
    unlock new business opportunities and drive market development in no time

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