Rocket launch instead of rocket science

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela


Challenge Us

No matter how big and complicated your brand and products are, GUTJAHR is here for the challange. We know how to translate your products into strong and growing business.


Trust Us

Utilising our extensive B2B industry experience you can focus on your business and let our team reshape and improve your Business Development and Marketing Results.


Be Efficient

Setting a strategy in place, as well as structured long term plan, you can more efficiently plan the next steps for your business.


One more Thing

Optimise your budget, goals and your resources with outsourcing your Business Development and Marketing to the B2B experts of GUTJAHR.



We believe in building turst and longterm partnerships with our partners and clients. This is the key to all of our success stories.

Rocket Launch with GUTJAHR

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