Lead Management

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

Streamline and funnel your Leads

GUTJAHR knows that the key to success and business growth is a proper management of your leads and prospects in a clearly defined sales process, with essential milestones and tools that support a proactive sales approach.

Lead Scoring

Make sure your priorities are focused on leads which have the highest chance for success, fit best to you and your milestones

  • Categorize your leads (Based on your customer criteria / characteristics)
  • Rank your leads to stay focused and invest your time wisely
  • Check business opportunity with your leads (readiness, size, match of your products / solutions)

Lead Qualification

You need to know what the lead is about, to judge if it is worth to invest time and where to focus

  • Right capturing of leads (different sources / channels / Categories)
  • Qualification Process (from a cold lead to a hot lead / contact)
  • Match your prospects with your products

Why You Should be Using CRM, Lead Management and Automation

Workflow Efficiency

Creating sales funnels and predict sales

Track and streamline

Automate Workflows

Prevent Dropped Leads

Get Personal

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Lead Management

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