Lead Generation

We love what we do and we love to be challenged.

What do we offer?

You have a good product in a growing industry, but no leads? Let GUTJAHR navigate your next successful lead generation campaign.

Make sure your priorities are focused on leads which have the highest chance for success, fit best to you and your milestones

  • Lead Generation
    structured generation of new high-quality leads
  • Campaigns
    strategic lead generation campaigns based on existing or new / generated leads
  • Databases
    global databases with leads and contacts from the telecommunication sector, service providers, and system-relevant businesses
  • Present Leads
    qualification and extensive evaluation of present leads
  • Sales Support
    reliable support for your sales activities and a focus on relevant leads
  • CRM Tools
    Use of the GUTJAHR – or your own – CRM system for seamless lead management and processing
  • Conceptualization
    conception of a cohesive and streamlined lead-generation- and qualification process for your company
  • Lead Management
    Transfer generated/acquired leads into an effective, long-term lead management process (see lead management)

How do we work?

  • Initial Meeting
    Informal initial meetings to get to know each other and determine what you need
  • Concept Development
    we develop your lead generation concept for the pre-defined target markets and sectors
  • Project Preparation
    we set up the project for you and tackle the requirements regarding CRM for lead generation and lead management
  • Starting the Project
    we get the project started and initiate the research concerning companies and contacts in the relevant positions (management and operative)
  • Personalized Lead Generation
    we generate leads for your company according to agreed objectives and qualify them (phone, email, research)
  • Lead Evaluation
    we maintain the leads and start contacting them to evaluate their interest in your products/solutions
  • Lead Selection & Qualification
    we document the progress, select the leads with short-, medium-, and long-term interest, and mark those without current interest
  • Campaign Updates
    we provide transparent reportings and analysis about the lead campaigns
  • Process Improvement
    We communicate closely with you and improve the process based on previous campaign results
  • Continuous Lead Management
    Upon request, we continue the lead generation and start with the organized follow-up of the sales and lead management

What do you get?

  • Our Experience
    a specialized research and lead generation team of experts with years of knowhow
  • Proven Methods
    Access to advanced tools and seamless processes for maximum efficiency regarding the lead generation
  • Lead Selection
    selecting and evaluating qualified leads based on a set objective
  • Short- and Long-term Success
    measurable results with short-notice campaigns as well as long-term, continuous lead development
  • Transparency
    transparency concerning our activities and a close communication with our team
  • Cooperation
    hand in hand follow-up of the leads and conversions through our dependable sales and lead management activities

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