Covid-19: How To Continue Your Business In This Time Of Crisis

Akim B.

While the challenges you face are many, from the potential danger to your health, tedium of working from home and distancing from your friends and loved ones, with our help you can still get in touch with prospects and continue your business, despite Covid-19.

The traditional methods of meeting prospects, by conducting face-to-face meetings, trade shows and events have changed as now majority of employees are working from home, and travel and events have been banned. Nevertheless, with the aid of technology, such as webinars, online meetings, ebooks, conferences and more, you can still get in touch with your target prospects. We provide companies with customized solutions and digital marketing and communication strategies to help find new prospects and promote the company’s services and products.

Here are tips on how you can connect with prospects:

The best concept to make use of in these uncertain times is inbound marketing. By using unconventional and out-of-the box ideas to promote your company’s services, products and solutions, you increase visibility in front of your prospects. Use this time to increase awareness of your latest products, updates and offerings which are sure to pique the interest of potential clients.

Some of the methods you can use are:


Webinars are online seminars that have slowly yet steadily been gaining popularity. Similar to live events, topics are discussed and information is shared. The biggest advantage of webinars over regular events is that anyone can attend from anywhere in the world, and there is no restriction on the number of attendees. Nowadays when live events are not available and travel is restricted due to Covid19, this is the best chance to make use of effective webinars that include audio, video and even slides.

White Papers

White papers are excellent ways to demonstrate your authority in your field. Through a well-written white paper, you can educate the readers and potential prospects on topics that you hold expertise in. In these uncertain days when people are turning to the internet in their free time to gain knowledge, a white paper is a great way to cement your name as a knowledgeable and expert service provider.

Case Studies

What better way to put a point across than with real examples? Case studies are an amazing way to give examples and inspiration to prospects on how others have used your services in the past and had success. Through case studies, you can help prospects understand how to best use your services, based on your previous success stories.


Ebooks are long form, and versatile. You can use ebooks for virtually any topic that you want to explain in a detailed and thorough manner. By offering extensive resources in the form of ebooks on trending topics, current difficulties faced in your industry and popular solutions, you can build a fan following and increase your brand value. This, then converts into prospects. 


Covid19 may have, at present, ruled out typical face to face meetings with travel bans and social distancing in place, however, web meetings are a great alternative! From the comfort of your home, you can hold web meetings as usual, with the aid of video conferencing for a realistic, safe and convenient meeting alternative. Whether you need to brainstorm or have a typical follow up meeting, web conferencing makes sure that there is no hindrance in your work.


Undoubtedly, Covid19 has brought with it challenges that we might have never encountered in the past. The good news is, that there are solutions as well, as long as you work smart and make best use of the situation. The best plan for getting prospects, leads and clients, will be one that is tailored to your company, making use of the most suitable resources. Schedule a call with us to discuss how to thrive your business in the time of Covid19.

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